Our Best Practices: BuraGO at Burattino

„Burattino is a diverse, inclusive, and accepting community built on love. It is a school of helping hands where everyone receives the support they need.”

The Burattino School in Csepel is the only integrated child protection institution in Hungary that operates on a civil basis, without tuition fees. We consider our main tasks to be compensating for disadvantages, creating opportunities, and promoting social integration.

Years ago, in collaboration with the Motimore team and within the framework of a project based on the hashtag.school system at the time, we envisioned a gamification platform tailored to our school. The motivational points game, running under the name BURA GO (www.burattinojatek.hu), has since extended to the entire life of the school, involving all its members.

The aim of the game is to increase motivation and efficiency in learning and community life. Students can earn points for their studies and other achievements (based on the hashtag.school point system), which they can redeem for specific items, games, and experiences in an online store.

Besides effectively motivating the children, BURA GO has already brought many joyful moments to all of us.