MotiMore Support Application

Since the MotiMore team is committed to ensuring equal opportunities, every year we provide a few institutions the opportunity to use the system for free within the framework of an application that measures social need. We enter into a cooperation agreement with the selected institutions and teach them the professional use of the gamified system.

In exchange for professional-resource support, the winners undertake the following:

  • Participate in preparatory training,
  • Implement the system in their designated environment for at least 6 months,
  • Continuously evaluate the system and provide written feedback on its use on a monthly basis,
  • Participate in one-hour professional entry and exit interviews,
  • Administer at least one entry and one exit questionnaire to the involved children related to the application, which will be provided by the MotiMore team,
  • Commit to continuous communication with the MotiMore team.

Applications can be submitted by filling out a questionnaire available here:

The submission deadline is ongoing, and evaluation takes 2-3 weeks from the submission date!

For further information, please contact